Pallet Truck Type PTW

Type 1 and Type 2 for Heavy Goods of any Kind

Pallet Trucks are used for indoor transport of mainly heavy goods of any kind, which are lying or standng on pallets and need to be carried to storage, shipment department or to further machining / assembly. 

Bigger and special goods, for example generators, gearboxes, transformers etc., but also plastic injection moulds and special moulds usually are stored on pallets for transport. These pallets usually are special pallets, to withstand the the heavy load and also to fix the goods during transport.

As for inhouse transport of heavy goods very often it is necessary to change between different areas of the building, the transport route normally is not covered by a end-to-end crane runway. Also very often there are limits regarding transport by forklift, as a forklift has to transport the heavy good in front of its front (load) axel. By this reason forklifts with much bigger load capacity than the transport weight of the goods are needed, to assure the necessary counterweight for safe transport of the goods to be transported. Finally this will lead to extremely big forklifts which will have space problems within the usually narrow transport routes. 

The Pallet Truck PTW does transport the heavy goods with their load center between the front load axel and the rear steering- and drive unit. By this way no counterweight is needed and for the same transport task the size of the Pallet Truck type PTW may be much smaller than the size of a forklift truck. Additionally the Pallet Truck PTW is extremely manoeuvrable.

Pallet Trucks PTW do consist of a standardised drive unit with a customized load pick up. Here we always adopt our cart to the need of the customer. 

Overview regarding the advantages of a Pallet Truck PTW: 

  • Transport of heavy goods between different buildings or areas of buildings independent of existance of end-to-end crane runways
  • Need of smallest possible space combined with biggest possible manoeuvrability
  • Truck design adopted to the heavy goods to be transported
  • PTW Type 1 for weight of goods up to 60 tons and more
  • PTW Type 2 for weight of goods up to 30 tons

Within the area of the right side of this page you will find some examples of our Pallet Trucks PTW.

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